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Hey, I'm Ali!

I'm the gal behind FigLittles - a designer, problem solver, and creator with a love for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I graduated from Utah State University with a degree in graphic design and after a few years of coding marketing emails mass-producing web banners I realized that kind of work was not my jam. I'm a kinesthetic learner and always LOVED the idea of creating a physical product but never knew exactly how I should pursue that dream.

A few years and two kids later, I discovered that sometimes the lessons in the scriptures can be pretty abstract and difficult for kids to focus on. I created FigLittles products to make your teaching efforts more concrete by giving kids hands-on tools to interact with the people and stories you teach about in a very personal and unique way. ​My beautiful and modern play kits put your kiddos in the designer's chair, and give them the ability to share their beliefs, imagination, and creativity through play! Our products are perfect to help with family scripture study, family home evenings, and quiet activities for a more Christ-centerd Sacrament Meeting.


I hope you love these products as much as our family does!


I'd love to hear from you! Send me a message at with any questions, compliments or concerns and I'd love to chat.


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