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By their fruits shall ye know them...

Ok, I need your input. I feel like the fruit of the tree is always portrayed as an apple, but is that what we would *actually* want hanging there as the “most delicious” fruit??

Hear me out for a sec. If the fruit of the tree was an apple... and there was a fancy party happening just on the other side of the river...not gonna lie I miiiight catch myself wondering what kind of hors d’oeuvres they’ve got over there 🤔 maybe Laman was more of a veggie guy and Lemuel was on the Atkins diet??

Guys, I’m totally kidding here, obviously the story is all metaphorical, let’s not get too serious🤪

When I made the kit I wanted this holy fruit to be recognizable so voila, apple it was.

BUT if you could pick any fruit to actually be on that tree, which would you pick?! Or is it totally subjective to whoever is eating? Like, does it magically change flavors depending on which taste buds are connected to the hand that grasps it?! SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. Drop a line in the comments and weigh in 👇🏼


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