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Enos' Prayer

How can studying Enos’ prayer change the way we communicate with God and shift our expectations of how we see His hand in our lives?? Enos prayed (among other things) that the scriptures would be brought forth unto the Lamanites and be preserved should his people fall into transgression. Seems like a pretty obvious item on God’s “to-do” list, right?? But, Enos never saw God’s promise fulfilled during his lifetime. In fact, it seemed that the situation with the Lamanites actually got worse! Bloodthirsty...filthy...raw meat...yikes 😳😬

It would be easy for Enos to claim that God didn’t keep his promises, but what DID Enos get out of this holy interaction?? How did God answer Enos’ prayer by changing HIM, vs. his situation?

He said: -my guilt was swept away

-I began to feel a desire for the welfare of my brethren

-my faith began to be unshaken -my soul did REST

How has God answered YOUR prayers during this pandemic? Has it been more external or internal?

For me, it has been an overwhelming sense of peace that has filled our home. Going to the grocery store and post office gives me crazy anxiety and all of the worries FLOOD in when I have to leave. But when I’m home I feel God’s reassurance that 🎤every little gonna be alright 🎤

So much to think about...I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the matter 🙏🏻 and if it’s in the form of song lyrics...even better!!


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