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Homeschool Spirit Shirts DIY

If you and your kids are mourning a non-traditional start to school this year, you are not alone! As parents, we have gone back and forth so many times trying to decide what kind of educational path would be best for our family, and we've decided to try out homeschooling for the 2020-2021 school year! But, getting our 5 year-old (who was supposed to be heading to kindergarten this year) on board was a little trickier. For MONTHS she has been telling anyone who asked that her Kindergarten school's mascot is a GATOR. So, to make the transition to homeschool a little easier we picked name for our homeschool and gave ourselves a mascot. Ruby's favorite animal is a Black Panther and so voila, we are the "Pandemic School Black Panthers". I made our school some spirit logos and we used iron-on sheets to make spirit shirts! We are also using them for stickers on pencil boxes, notebooks, waterbottles etc. To purchase your OWN CUSTOM HOMESCHOOL SPIRIT LOGOS click HERE! You'll get 36 total logos - 3 different designs in a variety of colors and sizes. I've even included options for "Principal & PTA" tees for mom and dad to join in on the fun.

If you've never made iron-on tees before, keep scrolling. It's impossibly easy and fast - I finished three shirts in under 30 minutes. Here's the tutorial:

Please note: This post contains affiliate links, so I will receive a small payment every time you purchase through one of my links. Thank you!

1) Print your chosen design on T-shirt Transfer paper. I used Avery DIY T-Shirt Transfer Sheets *For Dark Fabrics*. There are two options - one for dark fabrics and one for light fabrics which is basically only for whites from what I've read. I used these Dark Fabric sheets on dark, colored and white shirts and they all turned out great. I recommend printing first on a regular sheet of paper and marking a corner before you print to make sure you know if you should put the transfer sheet in face up or face down. This is also a good way to check which size you should use! I used the largest size for this logo option on a size 5T Cat & Jack shirt from Target.

2) Next, cut out your design. I chose to leave a white border around the edge of the logo, but if you don't want that white border, you need to cut RIGHT up next to the black border, because anything white will transfer. Figure out your placement of the logo and measure as needed to get it centered if that's what you are wanting!

4) Peel off the back layers. Go slowly, because the transfer is a little delicate. I read a few Amazon review that said they accidentally ripped the transfer sheets, but I had no problems.

5) Turn the transfer over so it is FACE UP. When you are using the *DARK FABRIC* transfer sheets you do not mirror the image - it should look exactly like you want it to when it's finished. Working on a heat-proof surface (I did mine on a tile floor) place your ironed shirt on an ironed pillowcase, and lay one of the included sheets of tissue paper over the transfer.

6) Iron your design! Use medium-firm pressure, turning the iron so it's evenly distributed over the entire design. The Iron-On Transfer Sheet instructions recommend ironing for 2 minutes for an entire sheet, 1:30 for a half-sheet, and 1 minute for a quarter-sheet. After this, remove the tissue paper and voila! You are done! This is my first time using these sheets and I was really impressed with the color transfer and crispness of the design! It does make the shirts a little stiff where the transfer sheets are, but I think that will get better with wear over time. The packaging says that the designs are color-resistant for at least 20 washes - I will update this post and report how they look after a few washes.

When I showed my girls their new Homeshool Spirit shirts their excitement for the upcoming school year shot WAY up! We are doing our best to shift our expectations for what the start of school will look like this year and our new mascot has been a great first step. Click HERE to get your own CUSTOM designed Homeschool Spirit logos and start making your own tees, stickers and more. Happy Schooling!



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