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Nephi FHE Activities

MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE?? Will the real Nephi please stand up?! •

Which Nephi do you connect with most?? Comment 1, 2, 3 or 4 and just for kicks, ask your kids which one looks most like Nephi to it the same as yours? Ask your husband! Not trying to stir up family drama here, I swear 😜

Have y’all seen the new BOM movies the church put out late last year? A couple of things that stood out to me... I love that they show each character in different outfits- they don’t have a uniform! Doesn’t that make them so much more relatable? And Nephi grows a beard! The day after we watched the episode where Nephi grew a beard, we were playing with the magnet dolls and my daughter said “ooh and then Nephi grew a beard so I’m putting a beard on him!” Don’t you think those little details make the stories and characters so much more personal and real?! Maybe Nephi has a workout outfit? Maybe he has a church outfit. Maaaaybe he gets real dapper to take Ishmael’s daughter on a date??? 🤷🏼‍♀️😂💃🏼😍🕺🏽What will your kiddos come up with?

This next part warrants a **WARNING*** because this may get a bit silly 🤪 I came up with a fun little game that had BOTH the kids & adults ROFL during primary today and thought I’d share in case anyone is looking for singing time ideas 😉

Basically you get real theatrical with it and pretend you don’t have a song book/someone gave you the words to the song all mixed up/you don’t know the song etc. and ask for the kids’ help getting the words right.

For jr primary I sang each line that ended with a silly/made-up answer and “tried” a few times to get it right and then asked for their help picking the CORRECT word.

Sr primary I made it into a gameshow and had two kids face-off...I gave them multiple choice answers and then said “Go” - first one to hit the buzzer got to answer.

Both groups were entirely captivated, it was a lot of fun. This would even make a hilariously cute FHE activity!

First Verse:

The Lord commanded Nephi to go and:

-Eat a snack

-Take a nap

-Kick a ball

-Get the plates

From the wicked Laban inside the:

- grocery store

- chick-fil-a

- basketball

- city gates

Laman and Lemuel were both afraid:

- of ghosts

- of sharks

- to fall in love

- to try

Nephi was:

- a reindeer

- a LEGO

- a rockstar

- courageous

And this was his reply! (Take it to the chorus....)

Second Verse:

The Lord commanded Nephi to go and:

- ride a bike

- bake a cake

- play Minecraft

- build a boat

Nephi's older brothers believed it would not:

- fly

- sparkle

- fit in the garage

- float

Laughing and Mocking they said he should not:

- dance

- eat a worm

- go to bed

- try

Nephi was:

- a penguin

- a robot

- a mermaid

- courageous

This was his reply! (Take it to the chorus!)

Then we talked about the significance of the third verse and how it's important for us to be like Nephi and always try to do what the Lord commands, even when it's not hard.

Good Luck! I'd love to know if you try it out!


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