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Nephi's Courage Free Printable

FRIENDS! I have a FREE gift for you! To kick off the start of Come Follow Me Book of Mormon stories next week I want to send you this fun “Nephi’s Courage” printable! Your kiddos (or primary class!) will love coloring these guys and then cutting them out and OF COURSE acting out the many tales of Nephi. You will be amazed at what they can recall when you frame it as a story & play instead of a lesson.

One of the ideas to improve your family scripture study from the Come Follow Me manual is to ✨DISPLAY A SCRIPTURE.✨ Since my kids can’t read, I love this idea of displaying the characters we built during FHE when we taught about Nephi to visually remind them of the story along with the verse/phrase throughout the week. You could totally do this with the Nephi’s Courage printable, but the magnetic dress-up dolls make it so fun and personal! And, since each kit comes with 10 dolls there are still plenty left to play with!

I will go, I will do!


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