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Weird Words Explained for Kids (because the scriptures are full of them!) Week 1

Anyone else find yourself lost for words when the 4yo asks you to explain what "crazy" means🤪😂?? Something I was NOT expecting when I entered motherhood was how often I find myself scrambling to explain very common, abstract words to my kids who, understandably, have limited life experiences.

If you can relate, this series is for you! I'm doing the work for you and coming up with simplified definitions of words y'all might encounter during your weekly CFM study. I find that if I've thought out some good explanations ahead of time, we can focus more on the overall meaning of the stories instead of veering off on a huge tangent trying to explain various terms. Let me know if this is helpful!

This week's Weird Words:

Forgive - Let go of your anger (Like Elsa!)

Repent - Try again and change

Persecute - Being mean to someone because of what they believe


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