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Weird Words Explained for Kids (because the scriptures are full of them!) Week 3

Hoping these definitions will give you one less thing to try and explain to your kiddos this week. If you’ve been spending a lot of energy trying to help your littles understand everything that’s going on right now, I'm right there with you! Let's do this together.

  • Salvation - Being saved from not being able to live with Heavenly Father by doing our very best AND getting help from Jesus Christ.

  • Humble - Being ready and wanting to listen and learn.

  • Testimony - Your own special collection of information that you know is true because the Holy Ghost helped you learn it.

  • Revelation - Knowledge that Heavenly Father shares with people through the Holy Ghost.

  • Envy - The feeling you get when you REALLY want what someone else has.

  • Countenance - The way a person looks and feels because of the choices they make.

  • Pride - When someone thinks they know everything and are better than other people. Prideful people think that what they want is more important than what Heavenly Father wants.


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