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Weird Words Explained for Kids (because the scriptures are full of them!) Week 4

Here's your regular weekly Weird Words to help bring clarity and brevity to your explanations of those abstract words your kiddos are always asking you about!

Let’s have a good week this week, mmkay?

  • Vision - A very unusual way that God teaches some people by showing them things in their mind to help see the things he is telling them about.

  • Prophesy - When a prophet teaches other people about things God has told him/her that have not happened yet.

  • Resurrected - When people die their spirit and body are separated for some time. When everybody is resurrected, all of our spirits will go back to our bodies and our bodies will be perfect!

  • Restoration - When something is brought back to the way it was when it was first created.

    • Redeemed - When someone else helps rescue us from something we can’t fix by ourselves. Jesus is our redeemer because he can save us from everything!


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