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Weird Words Explained for Kids (because the scriptures are full of them!) Week 6

JUST LAST NIGHT, our family scripture study spiraled into a sea of woe because my 5yo daughter was NOT understanding us explain the word "persistently". My goal with these posts is to help you avoid the frustrated meltdowns (like the one we experienced last night!) and feel confident explaining weird, unfamiliar words we encounter in the scriptures in a way that your kids will understand and be able to relate to.

Happy Monday friends, let's do this!

  • Prostrate - Lying on the ground with your face down towards the earth.

  • Murmur - To speak quietly, softly, not clearly, specifically saying things that are against Heavenly Father’s plans. Gossiping, complaining, rebelling.

  • Rebuke - Sharply showing or saying that you don’t like another person’s actions, words, or behaviors.

    • Flattered - Saying really nice things to someone, even if they’re not true, to make them like you.


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