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Weird Words Explained for Kids (because the scriptures are full of them!) Week 7

If you sometimes find yourself struggling to explain those funky, abstract terms that the scriptures seem to be full of, this one’s for you! I’ve done all the work and defined the weirdest words from this week’s Come Follow Me study chapters and simplified them for kids to understand. You got this!

  • Righteous - A way to describe something or someone that that Heavenly Father would be proud of.

    • Covenant - A sacred promise between God and a person or group of people. “Covenant” means “come together”.

    • Mercy/Merciful - Loving treatment of someone that is more than what they have earned made possible through Jesus Christ.

    • Salvation - Being saved, specifically through Jesus Christ.

    • Stiffnecked - When a person chooses not to listen because they believe they are right and don’t want to change.

    • Zeal - Lots of energy and excitement that leads to action.


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