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Weird Words Week 8

Weekly Weird Words are back! I totally forgot to post last week because we were road-tripping up the Oregon pretty!! We are staying put at my in-law’s farm in Washington for a little while so I’m aiming to show up here more regularly 🤪 happy Tuesday ✨

Weekly Weird Words:

Alma 32-35

  • Dross - Garbage-y. Originally described the scum that’s left over when metal is melted.

  • Penitent - A way to describe someone who is very sorry or trying to repent.

  • Compelled - Being forced or pressured to do something.

  • Confound - Either meaning to surprise and confuse, or, to defeat/ prove something wrong.

  • Sacrifice - Giving up something you love for something that is more important.

  • Hypocrite - A person who says or believes something and then chooses not follow those beliefs.


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