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Weird Words Week 9

Weird Words of the week are here to help you explain those bizarre words in the scriptures in a way that even your littlest ones can understand! There's some good ones this week...happy studying!

Alma 36-38

  • Carnal - Something that feels good to the body, but might not be good for your spirit.

  • Rebel - When someone knows the rules or expectations in a situation, and chooses not to follow them.

  • Racked - To cause extreme physical or mental pain and distress. Tortured.

  • Gall - Bitter, sour, poisonous, cruel.

  • Secret combinations - A group of people, kind of like a club, that have promised each other that they will all work together to do evil things.

  • Interpreters - Urim and Thummim. Tools from Heavenly Father that help translate the scriptures.

  • Harrowed Up - To cause distress. A harrow is a frame with spikes through it. When pulled across the ground, it rips and tears into the soil.


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