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Your Monthly PlayGuide is HERE!

I have a confession: I have a super hard time playing "pretend" with my kids. I know this for a fact because my mom is AMAZING at make-believe play, and it seems to come sooooo naturally to her that it makes me a little envious! I've seen what the "good stuff" looks like, so I KNOW I'm not up to par haha. Can anyone else relate? 

I'm sure this confession seems odd coming from me because...well, I design, create, and sell children's imagination-based-play toys. So pretend play SHOULD be my jam, right? Nope. It definitely stretches me, and was a huge motivator behind why I developed the FigLittles PlayGuide!

I've been searching for a simple, but genuine, way to teach my kids about gospel principles through play and this approach has been just what I needed. It's not fancy, requires zero props or prep, and can be done anywhere or anytime that suits your family's needs. I like to use the questions as dinner-table conversation, or chit-chat on a long car ride. Maybe this would be good for you, too?

Let me introduce you: The PlayGuide includes a set of challenges, prompts and questions correlating with each week's Come Follow Me lesson. Some are more thought-provoking, but there are a LOT of silly questions that will help you get on your kid's level to warm them up to an authentic gospel-related conversation. I firmly believe that talking about "church stuff" doesn't always have to be serious or stuffy and I'm on a mission to prove it!

Now, I mentioned before that the PlayGuide doesn't require any props or prep - but it could definitely be taken to the next level with a FigLittles BOM Magnetic Figures kit. If you don't have a FigLittles magnet kit yet, I'll always include a free printable with a few characters that you can easily print off for your kids to color, cut, and play with so they can participate too!

Sign up now and get your FIRST PlayGuide automatically delivered to your inbox ASAP, and after that it will always arrive in your inbox at the first of each month.




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